Counselling/ Psychology


Counselling Skills involve the ability to listen to another person and hear exactly what they are trying to say, from their point of view.

Counselling is an idea that has existed for several centuries. Human beings have sought through the years to understand themselves, give counsel and build up their capacity, become aware of prospects and, mainly, support themselves in methods related with formal counselling tradition.

In most societies, there still is a genuinely embedded view that, under good circumstances, societies have supported each other with their difficulties.

Library and Information


Library plays a significant role in creating access to information services. When library integrates information technologies in its existing service it also plays a vital role in learning and teaching.

This (research) study was designed to investigate the main features of the Ethiopian libraries and their associates about the role of information services.

A review of the literature about Ethiopian libraries and the role of their services was undertaken, assisted by responses from questionnaires relating to the expansion of roles and responsibilities within library services there.

International Development


The idea of development was to a large extent the by-product of the post-war reconstruction process spearheaded by the newly established international institutions such as the International Monetary fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB).

Prior to exploring the key issues and debates surrounding the role of state in development, it would be useful to outline Key political, social, and economic realities of the then newly emerging “independent” countries and the key industrialisation policies that they have adopted.


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