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"Counselling Psychology: the EOTC Approach to Spiritual-Based Counselling"


The human being’s everyday activities create different challenges which may leave individuals to become distressed, anxious and unable to deal with them effectively. Counselling plays a crucial role in supporting them to deal with their difficulties properly.Counselling service itself has been offered in various ways throughout diverse professions. The main purpose of this study is to explore the provision of counselling services in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) and its value in the faithful’s spiritual and socio-psychological lives. The study fully reviewed three categories namely: the effectiveness of the EOTC’s Spiritual-Based Counselling and its outcome, the faithful’s expectations, and the counsellors’ commitment. It offers a unique way in which to assess the EOTC’s Spiritual-Based Counselling services for the faithful. This study was designed to investigate the application of the EOTC’s Christian Counselling services in its practical aspects and to examine what the main hidden problems are.

In order to collect data the study also used both qualitative and qualitative methods by use of questionnaire and interview schedule. For quantitative data analysis, Descriptive and inferential statistics methods were utilized such us percentages, frequencies, means and standard deviations.

Furthermore, the parametric tests (i.e. Chi-square test (x²), T-Test and Z-Test of significance) and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) were used in order to see significant differences among participants on given variable and real occurrence of the data. In addition, Predictive Analytics Software (PASW) version 18.0 was employed for data analysis.


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"International Development: Essay on Concepts of Development, Leadership and Governance in Communities"


The word 'development' has synonymous roots in concept of progress, growth, implying a change from a less desirable to a more desirable kind of society. The term 'development' entered the dictionary of international relations. It was before the process of decolonisation began in earnest. In his inaugural address Harry Truman, the United Sates President used the concept of 'development' to describe the evolution of countries from 'underdeveloped to developed (Inaugural Address, January 20th, 1949). However, the word 'development' is used in a variety of ways with diverse meaning and understanding to different people for a number of reasons.

Thus throughout century the meanings linked with 'development' have gradually concurred with different other previous meanings to transform the term 'development' into something that is currently used many different contexts and is thus really imprecise. In this book some of developmental processes will be discuss in order to observe the general practices in development theory. The book covers:

(1) Livelihood Approach and International Trade in 'Development and Globalisation' section;

(2) The tasks of International NGOs and State Development in 'Actors' section;

(3) Globalisation with poverty and the main aspect of structural adjustment policies in 'Development Theories and Strategies' section and

(4) The Concept of 'Community' and The Most Appropriate Approach to Leadership in Working with Communities in 'Leadership and Governance in Local Community' section.


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"An Interpretive Account of Belief and Practice in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church"



This book is concentrated on the Church's belief and practices (the Sacramental services) because the aim of this book is to observe the theological doctrine of the whole Sacraments in Ethiopian Orthodoxy.

This book also focuses on dogmatic theology and sacramental services in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church with emphasis on the development of these services especially for the seven sacraments of the Church.

In addition, this book explores the general concepts of Religion, the Church Holy Tradition, Prayer and the Church Sacraments by explaining how they are important in the life of the faithful and how understanding of they are developed in the Church.


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"Assessing the Feature of the Ethiopian Library Services"


Library plays a significant role in creating access to information services. When library integrates information technologies in its existing service it also plays a vital role in learning and teaching.

This (research) study was designed to investigate the main features of the Ethiopian libraries and their associates about the role of information services. A review of the literature about Ethiopian libraries and the role of their services was undertaken, assisted by responses from questionnaires relating to the expansion of roles and responsibilities within library services there.

The study includes two main groups (i.e. library staff and library users who involved in public and academic libraries). Data was gathered through questionnaires, combining website analysis. This data was also evaluated in respect of real role of libraries and librarians.




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